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Listen to our story.

Founded by Ed Quiros, with the goal in mind to fulfill the dreams as close as possible for many young players looking to be part of this worldly and popular sport, soccer. 
Over the years after being a part of hundreds of games either as a coach, or as part of management, Ed Quiros wanted to provide an opportunity to some of the players that were looking for a path to play at another level, the professional level.
With many connections in the international arena, we can now offer opportunities to players to play in other countries including in South America, North America, Central America, Europe and Asia.
With an Elites United FSC established in Colombia and also in New York, we can now move players from one country to another providing the proper paper work to obtain the visas to participate in certain events in each country.

With alliances and a network of professionals in some of the local clubs in Colombia, Costa Rica, USA and Europe, we can have players participate in some of those club's events and experience the different levels of play. These players will have the opportunity to try out for teams in those countries.

Let us help you get closer to your dreams of playing soccer professionally, or just play soccer at a higher level than just your local soccer matches.



Ed Quiros grew up in Costa Rica surround by soccer. After moving, living and running his business in New York for 37 years, and youth soccer for the last 20, he became inspired to find ways to contribute to the progress of this amazing sport.


With all of the talent surrounding Ed, not only in the USA but also Central and South America, it became his challenge to find way’s to offer young players a path to reach the next level.


Now, after running soccer clubs over the years, he is proud to say he has built a network of professionals capable of offering these players a bridge to fulfill their dreams.


4 Tyte Dr, Riverhead, NY 11901, USA